Selling Real Estate with Kelly Cook Podcast

Selling Real Estate with Kelly Cook

Welcome to the podcast “Selling Real Estate” with Kelly Cook where we discuss the latest and most relevant business strategies to help you do one thing extremely well: Sell more homes. We’ll discuss everything from Business Planning, to Lead Generation/Conversion, to Past Client Customer Service, and everything in between.

Discover how to create systems and processes to turn your real estate sales job into a scalable business! Join us for authentic conversations and nuts and bolts takeaways you can implement into your business today! And now, “Selling Real Estate” with Kelly Cook.




At Cook & Associates Real Estate Advisors, we are committed to do our very best to provide top-notch information and education to the real estate community.  It is a our mission to continuously educate ourselves and implement ideas and strategies within our own real estate team so that we can deliver the same ideas and strategies to the overall real estate community to not only ensure the brokers and agents we influence are successful, but also so that the clients we are serving have the absolute best experience possible.

One of the many ways we feel both the agents and clients are best served is through the structure of the real estate team.  We believe the team can certainly provide the superior customer service experience for the client delivering specialty through individuals who have mastered one or two aspects of the overall real estate transaction.   Furthermore, we believe the real estate team structure allows the real estate agent to build a business that is scalable and one which provides endless opportunities for it’s team members through growth over time.

We have a Podcast called “Selling Real Estate with Kelly Cook” on Spotify, in which we cover all topics related to helping brokers and agents sell more real estate, deliver 10+ customer service, and build their real estate teams.  Please visit the following link to hear our podcast: and if you want any further information about building a real estate team or just general information about real estate you can also visit our careers website at

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