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ArmonicoMcDowell Mountain Ranch Map

A McDowell Mountain Ranch Community

Armonico is made up of 195 homes and was produced by the Centex Corporation. It is found in the northeast corner of The Ranch shut the foothills of the McDowell Mountains.
There were nine diverse floor plans, which varied in size from 2,409 square feet to 3,527 square feet.  Three of the nine were 2-story homes. The 2-story homes all have striking stairways and two of them had an option for a bonus room, which, if picked, could expand the size of the Ladera model to 3,833 square feet.  Every model was offered in three diverse outside elevations and additionally had various customizable outer surface alternatives, which gave the group a unique looks. The majorities of the homes are graced with a beautiful custom oak door and have a 3 car garage as a standard characteristic.
In October of 1997, the prices started at $269,700 for the 2,409 square foot Tierra model and went as high as $330,500 for the 3,527 Ladera model. At present, costs run from the mid $400’s to about $700,000 with the highest price tags running to those homes with the most alluring settings.
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