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Arizona Vintage

Arizona VintageMcDowell Mountain Ranch Map

A McDowell Mountain Ranch Community

Arizona Vintage was created by Kaufman & Broad (now KB Home) and comprises of only 92 homes.
In August of 1997, the pricing started at $138,490 for the 1,350 square foot Merlot model. At present, costs go from the mid $200,000’s to essentially $400,000.  The homes with the largest price tags are those that boast the most stunning views.
There were five diverse models, going from 1,350 square feet to 2,316 square feet. Three of the floor plans were single story homes and two were two story. One of the more notable characteristics of this group is the huge number of cul de sac streets.
Every model was offered in three distinctive elevations and likewise had various customizable outer surface choices which gave the group a more engaging look.
This neighborhood is found east of Thompson Peak Parkway, south of Paradise Lane and North of Mcdowell Mountain Ranch Rd. It is advantageously placed close to the Desert Canyon Schools, the Aquatic Center and the Arabian Library.
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